“Fast Bank” CJSC issued AMD and USD bonds with 11.5% and 6.25% yield.


The underwriting of Fast Bank bonds has been done successfully by “Dimension” CJSC. The bonds will be listed on the Bbond platform of the Armenia Securities Exchange, ensuring free circulation.


Coupon payments to investors will be made by Fast Bank on a quarterly schedule and at the end of the term investors will receive the nominal value of the bonds.


Bonds have the following advantages:


-- Listed bonds can be bought or sold on the securities exchange,
-- In case of selling bonds before the maturity date, the investor receives the accumulated interest,
-- Interest income from listed bonds in the Republic of Armenia is exempt from income tax and non-resident profit tax,
-- Portfolio diversification.



To learn more about the program prospectus, you can visit the following link.


We are delighted to announce that Fast Bank USD bonds have sold out ahead of time.


It should also be noted that Fast Bank issued the new tranche of USD denominated 6.20% 30-months fixed-rate bonds. Dimension Investments is the underwriter of 'Fast Bank' CJSC’s USD bonds. The placement takes place between September 27 and December 27, 2023. For more details, please visit the following link. 


For more information about bonds and how to purchase them, please contact Dimension Investments at the following number: 010 54 56 70 or contact 31 branches of Fast Bank.





12 October 2023, Thursday

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