Dimension Investments acts as the sole Market Maker of IDBank’s bonds trading on AMX

Dimension Investments acts as the sole Market Maker of IDBank’s bonds trading on AMX

On March 28, the Armenia Securities Exchange (AMX) OJSC granted "Dimension" CJSC, one of the leading investment services companies in Armenia, the status of the sole market maker of nominal coupon bonds issued by IDBank CJSC (AMANLBB2GER8), having also listed the bank’s bonds on AMX’s Bbond list, allowed trading and repo transactions with them.


The subscription of nominal, coupon, non-documentary, non-convertible bonds that began on February 25, 2022 has been completed. Individuals and legal entities now have the opportunity to acquire and sell the newly issued bonds of IDBank from the market.


Dimension Investments is a member of AMX since June 2019 and also acts as the sole market maker of the common shares issued by ACBA Bank․ In February, IDBank issued 150,000 bonds totaling AMD 1․5 billion (nominal value – AMD 10,000). The annual coupon interest rate of the bond is 9.25%, the coupon payment frequency is 3 months, the maturity period is 27 months, and the date of redemption is May 25, 2024.


"Dimension has experience in effectively providing market making services, due to which it has maintained a reputation of a reliable partner. Dimension is ready to carry out all the necessary operations to organize the market making, to guarantee the high liquidity of the bonds and to give investors the opportunity to buy or sell the bonds at any time. I think bonds are one of the most accessible and stable investment instruments that can be included in a portfolio to diversify investments, reduce risks and volatility," said Mikayel Margaryan, CEO of "Dimension" CJSC.


"The interest and the high demand towards bonds issued by the Bank makes us not only improve the investment mechanisms in the bank, but also give our customers the opportunity to manage their funds more flexibly" said Arman Asatryan, Chief Financial Officer of IDBank.


"The bond market is, in fact, one of the largest securities markets in the world, offering investors unlimited investment options. The international bond market has tripled in the last 15 years and now exceeds USD 120 trillion," said Petros Margaryan, the financial analyst of "Dimension" CJSC.


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31 May 2022, Tuesday

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