Apr 2023



Since Inception Total Return



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The index launch date is May 31, 2021. Prior to this, data are hypothetical and based on the index methodology applied retroactively. When back-testing data, Dimension uses actual historical constituent-level data (e.g., historical price, market capitalization, and corporate action data) in its calculations. Dimension maintains the index and calculates the index levels and performance shown but does not manage all constituent assets. Past performance of any index is not an indication or guarantee of future results.

Index Description


Dimension Armenia AMD Bond Index comprises bonds issued by the Armenian Government and Armenian corporations meeting the index’s eligibility criteria. The index is rebalanced monthly and is market value weighted, where the market value of Armenian Government bonds is capped at 60% of the aggregate index.


(April, 2023)


Index Performance


  Total Return (%)
1 Month 3.69%
3 Month 3.11%
6 Month 1.88%
1 Year 7.51%
YTD 2.54%
2022 3.37%
Since Inception 9.23%

Index Statistics


Index market value (AMD Million) 1,474,842
Number of constituent bonds 37
Government Bonds 17
Corporate Bonds 20
Total nominal value outstanding (AMD Million) 1,440,781
Weighted average coupon 6.04%
Weighted average maturity (Years) 5.62
Weighted average modified duration 2.70
Weighted average yield to maturity 7.03%

For more details, refer to the index factsheet.