"Dimension" CJSC successfully placed "Fast Credit Capital” UCO CJSC's Bonds

"FAST CREDIT CAPITAL" UCO CJSC issued AMD and USD bonds with 11.5% and 6.25% yield. The purpose of the bonds issuance is to raise money for a certain period.


The underwriting of Fast Credit bonds has been done successfully by “Dimension” CJSC. The bonds will be listed on the Bbond platform of the Armenia Securities Exchange, ensuring free circulation. The quotation of the bonds will be carried out by “Dimension” CJSC, which has experience in effectively providing market making services.


Coupon payments to investors will be made by "FAST CREDIT CAPITAL" UCO CJSC on a quarterly schedule and at the end of the term investors will receive the nominal value of the bonds.


Acquiring bonds has the following advantages:


-- Listed, liquid bonds can be bought or sold on the securities exchange,
-- In case of selling bonds before the maturity date, the investor receives the accumulated interest,
-- The investor can allocate the assets between preferred sectors and companies,
-- Interest income from listed bonds in the Republic of Armenia is exempt from income tax and non-resident profit tax,
-- Portfolio diversification


About "Fast Credit Capital" UCO CJSC


Fast Credit has been operating since 1994 and was registered as "Fast Credit Capital" UCO CJSC by the Central Bank of Armenia on October 14, 2011. Currently, the Organization has 12 branches in Yerevan and 16 branches in different regions of Armenia. Part of the company's business strategy is to ensure the growth of the culture of using financial services in society and to strengthen the reputation of a reliable and conscientious financial consultant.


About “Dimension” CJSC


Founded in 2018 and with capabilities spanning Investment Securities Services, Capital Markets Advisory, and Investment Management & Research, Dimension strives to put clients first by being their most reliable, insightful, and effective investment services partner in Armenia, while maintaining the firm's high integrity. Dimension’s capabilities are fortified by its core values, highly engaged shareholders and global network.


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16 December 2022, Friday

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